Inspirational Story of My Friend Varun Baranwal

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It’s a story of my very good friend Varun Baranwal who cleared IAS (Indian Administrative Services) exam in his first attempt with AIR 31 (3rd in Maharashtra) last year at an age of 23. His Father had died when he was in 10th Class. In his family he has 3 elder sisters, 1 younger brother and his mother. His mother … Read More

8 Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs by Robin Sharma

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We as Entrepreneurs have to go through hardships and really tough days. Rejection becomes a day to day part of our lives and we start living with it. It’s really hard to drive a business which depends on several variables. But You know who dealt with rejections? The biggest leaders of the century have gone through the rejections. It’s the … Read More

4 Ultimate Apps that will increase your productivity

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In my last blog ‘How to increase productivity in 15 days’ I had shared with you the way I structure my day in order to increase my productivity at work. Working in a well defined structure has helped me focus on my priorities at work place. In this blog I will be sharing a list of some of the android/mac … Read More

How to increase productivity in 15 days

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At my startup, I handle all the business development related work. As a startup founder, as the team is lean I have to handle everything – potential customer prospecting, marketing, sales, customer support, new partnerships, working on new ideas. I have a lot of work responsility to handle.I love doing everything at my work but initially I wasn’t able … Read More

Should we be scared of failure?

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I was talking to one of my friends few days back. Eventually we started talking about living our dreams and doing what we really want to do in life. During the discussion, he constantly pointed out that he wanted to work for a social cause but he was scared of getting failed. He was scared of what might going to … Read More