Importance of Inbound Marketing and its Best Practices

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I took a webinar with Leadsquared few days back on Importance of Inbound Marketing for your business and its best practices.

If you want to do a crash course in Inbound Marketing in 30 minutes. You should check out the webinar recording.

Click Here to View Webinar

Topics I covered in the webinar are :

– Difference between Traditional and Inbound approach.
– Why should you focus on Inbound Marketing?
– What is Inbound Marketing Methodology?
– Defining Buyer Persona / Target Customers.
– Creating Valuable Content with context for your buyer persona.
– Different types of content : E-Books, Infographics, Videos, Webinar, Blogs etc.
– Social Media strategy should be synced with Content Strategy.
– Valuable Content comes on the top of Google Search.
– How to convert your visitors into leads?
– Create better landing pages.
– Qualify Leads and Close them into customers.
– Measure your efforts. Use Analytics tools.

I have also uploaded slides which I had made on slideshare. You can quickly go through them.

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