Why should you use Sales CRM from the day one

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Customer Relationship Management Softwares are really important to have from the beginning when you start doing sales for your startup.

I still remember when I started doing sales, I used to use Excel sheets and as the number of deals started increasing it started getting messed up. I quickly figured it out that I need a Customer Relationship Management Software to be a professional sales person who never misses to follow up his potential deals.

I also had a vision that eventually when we grow, if our team works remotely or not I will badly need a CRM to manage the sales team effectively.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

So, why should you use CRM?

Sales CRM not only helps you out in managing your leads really effectively it also helps you out in managing your sales team really effectively once your startup grows.

Using Excel / Spread sheet doesn’t work for a long time, you could still use it for some point of time in your very initial days but you will need a better platform which could remind you when to follow up.

The biggest benefit of using CRM is it helps you in focussing on your “Sales Activities” (number of deals approached, number of calls made, email etc). This will help you out in analysing your performance and you can figure it out what you should do more to increase you sales. Statistics is indeed one of CRM’s best features.

In CRM you can link emails to your deals, you could schedule meeting & calls which help you out in keeping a good track of all the conversations related to that particular deal.

Few of the good CRM’s are coming up with Mobile Apps which help you out in updating information about the deals on the go.

Also, what I really like about the CRM’s is you can prioritize your deals on the basis of deal values. You can figure out of what value of deals you are going to close this week/month.

We now know that Customer Relationship Management Softwares are important but which all softwares are there that are affordable for an early stage startup like ours.

I did a deep research for 5-6 months finding out the right CRM for my startup. I tried hard to find out the cost effective and the best option for my startup. I tried more than 10 CRM’s whole heartedly and based on my learning I am joting down 5 top sales CRM which are low cost and are awesome to use.

5 Low cost and supercool Sales CRM for your early stage startup:

Pipedrive: It’s my personal favourite and we use it our startup. It’s quite fast, clean and focusses more on sales activities rather than anything else. it’s quite cost effective as well, you need to pay only USD 12 per month for it.

Clinchpad: Another CRM software which I appreciate a lot is Clinchpad. It’s quite similar to Pipedrive but it more cost effective than Pipedrive – Approx 9 USD per month and it’s free for first 100 leads

Stride App : It’s a much more basic version. It has much less features than Pipedrive and Clinchpad but solves basic problem if you are a sole propreiter. The best part is it’s totally free, so it’s good to start with.

Base CRM: It’s also one of the most awesome CRM’s available out there. It has lot of great features like Call recording in addition to the features provided by the CRM’s above. Though I feel it’s a quite heavy app and it’s on a little costlier side.

Sugar CRM: Another CRM which I really like is Sugar CRM. The main reason is that it is open source and you can customise it to according to your needs. It’s free of cost but it would require development skills to host.

All of the CRM above will not cost you more than 20$ per month and trust me they are really good.


We should figure out quite early which CRM we are going to manage sales activities of our team.

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