7 Powerful Tips to Help You Avoid Email Spam Filters

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In this blog I will write about how to avoid your mail from being going to spam folder. In order to avoid your mails from being spammed you need to understand how the spam filters work. The spam filters are adaptive according to what the users mark as spam.

Here Are 7 Tips to Help You out in avoiding spam filters

Avoid Email Spam Filters

Avoid Email Spam Filters

Dont use Purchased Email Database:
I had also mentioned it in my last blog on Townscript Blog. The major reasons why you shouldn’t use a purchased email database are first, the email id holders aren’t your targetted customers. Even if they are targeted, they don’t know you. There is a high probability that they are going to push you in spam. It’s against the law as well.

Also, if you are using webmail services like Mailchimp, Zoho. These webmail services and ISPs use community-based reporting to block spam. If too many of your subscribers click the Report Spam button in their inboxes, that trend is noted and used to determine whether future mails are likely to be spammed.

Write Recipient’s name in “To Field”:
Make the email personalized by writing the recipient’s name in the ‘To Field’ of the email as the spam filters check whether the recipient is acquainted with the sender. E.g. Use “Sanchit Malik” in To field of Sanchit Malik’s email id.

Keep your email subject line Short and purposeful:
Subject critical component of the email to decide whether the email is to be spammed or no. Your email’s subject line should let the recipient know the purpose of the email in a crisp way and should not be misleading. Avoid words like FREE, CASH BACK, ACT NOW, COUPONS, CLICK NOW, OPEN IMMEDIATELY etc.Using too many punctuations or special characters, including creative numeral use is a BIG NO. E.g. H3LLO, ~*Hi*~.
Keep the Email body’s Content Quality High:
Familiarity is key to avoiding spam filters. Your mail content should be clear, clean and balanced. That means it’s free of “spammy” words and too many punctuations, the content should not be in all CAPS with bright colours.

Content must never have only images, spam filters don’t detect images. If they don’t know what your mail is about, they will put you in spam
There’s should be a good balance of images and text. Prefer using only text with a small image.

Don’t spoil your IP Address :

Some spam filters check the sender’s IP address against the list of blacklisted IP addresses. So if anyone in your IP address range is spamming, then the your legitimate messages can be trapped into spam filters and it’s really impossible to
Authenticate Your Domain Name

Spammers use fake and spoofed domain names, so filters want to be sure yours is valid. So make sure your domain name is authenticated/
For example, is you are using Zoho Email engine. You can authenticate your domain as mentioned in the link.

Write your personal or brand name in the From Name and Email Address:

The spam filter checks the sender’s name against the recipient’s contacts. If the filter doesn’t find the sender’s name in the recipient’s contacts, it may push the email straight to the spam folder or judge the email’s content more rigorously. If you are using a Yahoo, Gmail, or other free email address to send your campaigns, it’s not guaranteed that your campaigns will get filtered, but your chances are higher.

Additionally, you as the sender can set up an email address using your company domain name. You should ask your subscribers to add your email address to their address books, you can include this request on your subscription confirmation screen and welcome emails.

If you notice from the post, it’s all about relevancy and authenticity. Keep your campaigns relevant by targetting people who have interest in you and who know your brand. Don’t forget to be authentic and engaging..

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