Ultimate Tools to Help You Sell Anything Online Quickly

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I was discussing about quick way to sell anything online with my great friend Ravi Handa of HandakaFunda few days back, then realised that there’s a need to write a blog which jots down all tools to help you sell anything online.

Most of your customers are now online and you want to tap this opportunity to sell your goods & services in the online market. Whether you are a workshop organiser, event organiser, physical goods’/digital goods’ merchant or you want to try your hands on selling online your products/services.

india Internet Users by July 2014

To sell online you need a website to reach out to people and a payment gateway integrated on your website to accept money via a credit or a debit card.

To set up a website you don’t need to be an expert in coding and website designing. There are ready made tools available for you to quickly setup and also manage everything like a professional.

Physical Goods:

There are international platforms like opencart, shopify to sell goods online but if you are in India you can use Zepo, kartrocket. These services come up with courier service tie-ups, cash on delivery feature and many more add-on services.

All of the above have subscription fees except Opencart which is an open source platform i.e it’s totally free to use and you can do many more customisations in it others have monthly charges.

You can also make use of online giants like amazon, flipkart, ebay to sell goods online. They have good online web traffic and will definitely be able to help you in selling goods in higher numbers.

Digital Goods:

You could use the above platforms as well but there’s a quicker way to sell digital goods online. You can use Instamojo to quickly setup your digital good’s sale’s  page and start accepting payments online. It comes up with a lot of features which would be helpful for you to manage your sales.

Collecting payments & managing registrations for events, workshops, courses:

For digital goods and physical goods, I told you about the products which you can use. If you are into events i.e. you organise workshops, conferences, concerts, parties, classes etc then you should choose Townscript. I will be biased towards Townscript as it’s built by us. (Yup! I am co-founder of Townscript :) ).

It takes only a minute to setup your event registration page on Townscript and you can start selling tickets online within a minute. It becomes extremely easy to keep a track of the registrations. Even if the event has no registration fees you can use Townscript’s platform to manage the event registrations.

I think I have covered all types of products in this blog. Hope you find it useful.


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